Yellow Bird

First Appearance:

Theme 1-16 : Wooden Crate



Special Power:

Speeding up to cut through wooden blocks



Appearances In:

Angry Birds, Angry Birds Season, Angry Birds Rio

The Yellow Bird (aka Maching Bird or Turbo Bird) is a bird you play with in Angry Birds. The birds are yellow colored and are triangular in shape. Their ability allows them to pick up speed to cause the most possible damage to the pigs and their structures. Much like many of the other birds, its strength usually varies depending on what block is struck and what angle it's struck, but in most cases, it can cut through many pieces of wood easily. Strangely, they're weak against Ice, despite ice having a much weaker strength than wood.


  • Besides the Mighty Eagle, Yellow Bird is the only bird that's not in a circular shape.
  • When it turns into a Corpse, the Yellow Bird rolls even though it has flat sides.
  • For some reason, during the opening cutscenes, the yellow bird has black eyebrows, yellow feathers at the top of its head, and is about the size of a Blue Bird.
  • The Boomerang Bird makes the Yellow Bird's pain noises when being a corpse.
  • The Yellow Bird looks a bit different and has a slightly lighter color and is about the Black Bird's size in the videos (except the cinematic trailer). In the game, the Yellow Bird appears to be smaller than the Black Bird.
  • The plush toy of the Yellow Bird isn't very triangular as it is in the game, more appearing to be a circle-like shape.
  • Even though the Red Bird is the mascot of the game, the Yellow Bird is the mascot of Rovio itself.
  • In the TV show MAD (from Cartoon Network), on the episode Rio-A, Yellow Bird is shown as one of the birds that can't fly that was chosen to be a Green Lantern (Copyright DC Comics).