White Bird
White Bird-1-

First Appearance:

Theme 2-14



Special Power:

Shooting Egg Bomb



Appearances In:

Angry Birds, Angry Birds Season, Angry Birds Rio

White Birds (or Chubby White Bird ,Egg Beater Bird ,Egg Bomber Bird ,Free Bird) are a species of Birds seen in Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio. They have the ability to drop explosive eggs on Pigs. Despite being the second largest of the birds, White Birds have poor physical strength, although the eggs they deploy have decent power, though suffer from a short blast radius and are therefore commonly overestimated in their effect on the structure. Once the egg is dropped, the corpse then flies upwards to the right. Additional damage can be done to the fortresses if the egg is dropped in such a way that it launches the corpse into the structure. The White Birds' physical appearance seems to be based on an egg shape.


  • The gender of the White Birds has been under debate. Many suggest that it's female because of it's egg-firing ability, as only females are able to reproduce- in this case lay eggs. Others say it's male as all of the other birds are of that gender, and there is a separate Female White Bird which shows a single White Bird clad in makeup.
  • If White Birds are male, then they must be firing a fake egg.
  • The White Bird is most likely firing a fake egg as 1, it explodes, while if it were real and the bird dropped it it would break, 2, eggs can't be dropped every time the bird is firing. Eggs take time to drop. Usually within a day or two.

White Birds are the only birds to have two different corpses.

White Birds are also the only birds to have projectiles, if the Blue Bird's multiple beings aren't counted.

Despite the fact that the birds are angry about their poached eggs, the White Bird fires eggs. This is more evidence that the White Bird if firing fake eggs. The other evidence is on the 2nd and 3rd part of the trivia.

As the White Bird is heavy due to it's egg inside it, the White Bird should deal less damage after it fires it's egg.

Although White Birds also have a shriveled look after firing their egg in the Google Chrome Version, they regain their original shape when they hit something.

According to this official wallpaper, the White Bird is a chicken.

The White Bird usually is said to be "a very useful bird" because it can damage twice in one shot by dropping the egg and then flying into the blocks, causing more damage than some other birds.

There is a glitch where the white bird will swell up after firing the egg bomb.