Red Bird

First Appearance:

Theme 1-1 : Pig's House



Special Power:




Appearances In:

Angry Birds, Angry Birds Season, Angry Birds Rio

The Red Bird, (also referred to as the Cardinal Bird, Normal Bird, Lame Bird), is one of the different of Birds that are controlled in Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio. The Red Bird is also known to be the mascot of the series. If the screen's tapped while this bird is moving, it yells out "Caw Caw!"

The Red Bird is the first seen, and used in the series, starting from the very first stage. In the first few levels, these birds will be able to cause great damage to the weaker structures, but as the player advances through, he or she'll soon discover the Red Bird doesn't have much strength compared to the other birds, and can usually only shatter about one long wooden block before becoming a corpse.


  • The Red Bird doesn't have a special ability. When tapped, it'll result in a simple "Bacoock!" or "Gannah!" from the bird, like the Big Brother Bird.
  • The Plush version of the Red Bird can make the sound of the Blue Bird. The same goes to all the other Bird Plushes.